Questions About Blepharoplasty

To help you determine if this procedure is right for you, we’ve gathered our most frequently asked questions about blepharoplasty.
Questions About Blepharoplasty

What is Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is another name for cosmetic eyelid surgery. It is performed to rejuvenate the eye area, targeting signs of aging in both the upper and lower eyelids. That can include:

  • Puffy eyelids
  • Droopy lower eyelids
  • Bags
  • Wrinkles, sagging skin, folds

We customize each blepharoplasty to suit the needs of each patient. You’ll discuss your options with your provider to determine what a blepharoplasty can do for you.

How do I Know If Blepharoplasty is For Me?

If you feel dissatisfied with wrinkles, bags, or sagging of the lids, or if there is excessive shadowing or dark circles of the lids, then a blepharoplasty could be a solution for you. If you feel as though you look tired or angry when you feel rested, then eyelid rejuvenation with a blepharoplasty may be the procedure for you.

Aging in the eye region is complex, and blepharoplasty is one of many treatments available to target aging in this area. The best way to determine which treatment option is right for you is to schedule a consultation with one of our providers to discuss all your options.

Besides Blepharoplasty, What Procedures Can Rejuvenate My Eye Area?

Blepharoplasty is commonly used in conjunction with many other procedures, including:

Sometimes these may be used instead of blepharoplasty to target specific symptoms of aging, such as crow’s feet. At your consultation, you and your provider will determine which procedure or procedures can give you the outcome you desire.

Do I Need Separate Procedures For Each Eye or For Correcting My Upper and Lower Eyelids?

If the procedure is safe for you, having both your upper and lower eyelids treated at the same time can be an option.

How Long Do the Results of Blepharoplasty Last?

The results of blepharoplasty are long-lasting. Although they rejuvenate the eyelids, they do not stop the aging process. Most people report seeing the results from their blepharoplasty for 5-10 years. To prolong your results, we recommend keeping up with a good skincare routine.
Questions About Blepharoplasty
Questions About Blepharoplasty

How is Blepharoplasty Performed?

The upper eyelid incisions are made in the natural folds where they will be concealed whenever you have your eyes open. In the lower eyelids, they can be made either just below the eyelashes or inside the lower lids. Sometimes patients will combine blepharoplasty with other facial rejuvenation procedures like a facelift, or brow lift. However, every blepharoplasty is unique to the patient, your surgeon will walk you through your procedure again during your second pre-op.

What is Recovery From Blepharoplasty Like?

One of the most common questions about blepharoplasty is what recovery looks like. Recovery from blepharoplasty is typically quick with some discomfort. You may have bruising and swelling around the eyes, but you can use an icepack for the first 24 hours to keep the swelling and bruising down. You may also use over-the-counter pain medication for discomfort.

Most people can return to work in a few days, but if you want to conceal that you had surgery, you might have to take a week or more off from work to wait until the swelling goes down. Some patients experience temporary dryness after their surgery, which is treated easily with eye drops. In some cases, the swelling and bruising may persist for a week to ten days. If you wear contacts, you will not be able to put them in for about two to three weeks.

Questions About Blepharoplasty

Who Can I Turn to Answer Any Other Questions About Blepharoplasty?

For a blepharoplasty, you should work with a board-certified plastic surgeon who knows how to perform your surgery safely and effectively. They will give you correct, professional guidance that can help you get the results you want without compromising your safety.

At Gayoso Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, we will work with you every step of the way to help you stay informed and ensure you are making the right decisions for your procedure. If you have any other questions about blepharoplasty, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. To learn more about blepharoplasty contact us today to schedule your consultation.

Where Is Your Practice Located? Do You Serve Out-Of-Town Patients?

We are located in St. Petersburg, Florida, but we regularly see patients from the Tampa area, including Clearwater, Sarasota, and surrounding areas and across the state of Florida. We also have patients from around the country and even around the world. If you are considering coming from out of state for your procedure, we can help you time your procedure so it works with your schedule.