Brow Lift

With our brow lift, you can turn back the hands of time for a more refreshed and relaxed you.

Brow Lifts

What is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift is a surgical procedure that lifts the muscle above the brows to make the eyes brighter and more visible. It can create a more youthful appearance without limiting your ability to move your forehead. Our goal with our brow lift procedure is to provide you with a natural-looking lift for a more refreshed you.


The Difference Between Brow, Eyelid, and Facelifts

At Gayoso Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, we deliver the results you want, which is why we offer procedures that can address every section of the face. These procedures include brow lifts, eyelid surgery, and facelifts. If you are dipping your toes into plastic surgery for the first time, it might be difficult to tell the difference between the three. The best way to differentiate between the procedures is through the areas they treat.

No matter which areas you want to treat, we can help you define your self-image to suit your personal beauty standards. If one of these procedures interests you, then discuss your options with your provider. They are here to help you decide which procedures are right for you and your goals.

Brow Lifts

Addresses a heavy brow that comes with age or genetics.

Eyelid Surgery

Alters skin around the eyes to correct wrinkles, loose skin, fat pockets, and hollow sockets.


Tightens and lifts the skin from the cheeks down. A facelift often also includes the neck
Why Our Brow Becomes Heavier

Why Our Brow Becomes Heavier

Why Our Brow Becomes Heavier
As we age, it’s natural for our skin to begin to sag. Often, signs of aging start in the face where the skin is more delicate and more exposed to environmental factors. There are two proteins that contribute to the laxity of our skin: collagen and elastin. Here’s how these proteins can affect your skin as you age.As we age, it’s natural for our skin to begin to sag. Often, signs of aging start in the face where the skin is more delicate and more exposed to environmental factors. There are two proteins that contribute to the laxity of our skin: collagen and elastin. Here’s how these proteins can affect your skin as you age.

Natural Loss of Collagen

Collagen is the protein that’s responsible for giving our skin structure and keeping our skin firm. As we get older, it’s natural for the amount of collagen to decrease which causes our skin to become looser. Other lifestyle and environmental factors can also influence collagen levels over time. That could include smoking, excessive drinking, sun damage, and certain medical conditions. It’s possible to boost your collagen levels with collagen injections, but it won’t treat loose skin, wrinkles, or a heavy brow. To minimize signs of aging, a brow lift is a good option for you to explore.

Elastin Levels Decline Over Time

Like collagen, elastin is another protein that helps maintain a youthful appearance. This protein gives your skin the ability to stretch and bounce back. Elastin, named after its elastic-like quality, is why our skin can reform around us when our bodies change. It is also the reason lungs can expand and contract, blood vessels dilate, and ligaments stretch. Like collagen, it’s natural for elastin levels to decrease over time.

Your Time to Talk, Our Time to Listen

While you get to know us, we want to get to know you too. Before your brow lift, your consultation is your time to tell us about your goals and concerns and ask any questions. Your provider will go through your options and decide the best course of action to achieve the outcome you desire. We put your safety first every step of the way, which is why we need to know about your health. Your provider will discuss your health history, current medications, and past surgeries as these factors could affect your procedure. For your safety, it’s important to answer your provider honestly, as any unknown health issues could impair your recovery.


Brow Lift Procedure

Every plastic surgery practice has its own techniques, which is why there are various types of brow lifts. Some may go into the hairline, some may make incisions from ear to ear, and some may even use a camera. Temporal brow lifts do not alter the hairline, but we do hide our incisions in the hairline near your temple to lift the brow. However, every patient is unique, which means your surgery will be too. We believe an informed patient is an empowered patient, which is why we discuss every step of your brow lift with you at your consultation. After you have your initial consultation with your provider, you will meet with a nurse two to four weeks before your procedure for your first pre-op. There, the nurse will first go over your current medications, health history, and previous surgeries to ensure there are no complications. Then, your nurse will give you your pre and post-op care instructions while also answering any questions you might have.

After your first pre-op with a nurse, you’ll have a second pre-op with your surgeon. They will walk you through your procedure and also answer any other questions or concerns. One common concern we come across for brow lifts is if we need to shave your hair. We do not need to shave or remove any hair to make your brow lift incisions. On the day of surgery, you will be prepped by the OR nurses. You’ll also receive your markings from your surgeon and discuss any reference photos you might have brought. After that, you are ready for surgery.

Our brow lifts are outpatient procedures, so you’ll need someone to take you home and spend at least one night with you. Also following your brow lift, you will have post-ops with your provider. This is so we can track your healing progress and make sure there are no complications while you heal. If you have any questions about your brow lift, we encourage you to ask them! Our providers are here to help you feel comfortable and confident every step of the way.

Brow Lift Procedure
Brow Lift Procedure

Procedures Customized to Your Needs

As mentioned, every surgery is customized to fit the patient’s desired outcome. Sometimes, that includes other procedures to address other areas a brow lift can’t. For example, a popular addition with a brow lift is a blepharoplasty. While a brow lift addresses signs of aging around the brows, eyelid surgery can rejuvenate the area around the eyes. At your consultation, you and your provider can discuss if an eyelid surgery and brow lift combination are right for you.

It’s also not uncommon for patients to receive Botox with a brow lift too. While a brow lift may reverse some signs of aging, it can’t prevent aging altogether. Botox can help prevent new wrinkles from forming by relaxing muscles in your targeted area. If you combine surgical and nonsurgical procedures, both our teams will work together to ensure clear communication to provide you with the best experience.


Brow Lift Risks

As with every procedure there are risks, and your provider will educate you on the risks associated with a brow lift at your consultation. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to let us know. We want you to feel confident and comfortable when you take your next steps. Our board-certified plastic surgeons take every precaution to reduce complications and keep you safe.

Recovering After Your Brow Lift

Following your brow lift, you may experience some temporary side effects. It’s common for most patients to have a headache, itchiness, swelling, or some minor bruising following their brow lift. Generally, most patients need one week off work and four weeks before resuming normal activity. After six months, your swelling should be gone and your brow lift should be fully healed, revealing your full results.


Helping You Make a Safe and Informed Decision

At Gayoso Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, we believe in a patient-first approach. That means we listen to what you want. We don’t greet you with preconceived notions about ideal beauty standards or upsell you with extra procedures. Our job is to provide you with expert guidance and knowledge to help you make a safe and informed decision. Whether you are curious about your options, or you are ready to invest in yourself, we are here to be your trusted source for your brow lift. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about our services.