Coolsculpting Elite® for Men

If you’re struggling with stubborn fat and want to improve areas you struggle with, the solution is easier than you think. With Coolsculpting Elite® for men, feel better and look your best.

Remove Fat and Keep it Off

A healthy diet and exercise is the key for a happy, long and healthy life, but when it comes to removing stubborn fat, sometimes you need some extra help. Coolsculpting Elite® can be a wonderful addition to your regular diet and exercise to removing hard-to-lose fat and keeping it off. Here’s what Coolsculpting Elite® can do for you.

What is Coolsculpting Elite®?

Coolsculpting Elite® is an FDA approved fat removal procedure created with Harvard research. This efficient procedure is designed to remove fat to give your body a slimmer and more toned appearance. Coolsculpting Elite® is non-invasive, which means no surgery necessary, minimal to no pain, and a quick recovery time so you can continue on with your busy life.

How Coolsculpting Elite® for Men Works

The cooling technology targets fat cells through a process called cryolipolysis. This process works as fat cells are more susceptible to freezing than other cells. The cold temperature triggers the natural death of a cell, also known as apoptosis. Other cell-eating cells then surround the damaged fat cell and dispose of it.

The cooling technology also has built-in safety features to protect you and your skin from unnecessary exposure. Since fat cells are more susceptible to the cold, it freezes faster than skin. That means the cold temperature doesn’t need to be extreme. If the machine reaches below the set temperature, the applicator will turn itself off to protect you and your skin.

How Lower Testosterone Affects Fat Loss

One of the reasons it can be hard for men to lose fat is a decline in testosterone. Lower levels of testosterone is a natural part of the aging process in men. Some signs of decreased testosterone could be hair loss, fatigue, low sex drive, and increased body fat. Your body fat increases due to a loss of muscle mass. Testosterone contributes to muscle gain and muscle burns calories faster than fat. As you age and lose muscle mass, those extra calories turn into fat and become harder to work off. An excessive buildup of fat can put you at risk of heart disease. It’s important for men of all ages to maintain a proper diet and exercise to reduce this health risk. Coolsculpting Elite® for men can help you keep your results by removing fat and keeping it off, no matter how much or how little testosterone you have.

What to Expect for Your Consultation

Our patient’s safety, wants, and concerns are our top priority. Before you can “chill out” you have to book a consultation with your provider to know if this treatment is right for you. Here’s what you can expect during your consultation.

Discuss Current Health

At the consultation you and your provider will discuss your health history, previous surgeries, and any current medications. We want to determine the state of your present health to make sure you have a safe procedure and smooth recovery.

Target Area

After deciding if you should proceed with the procedure, you’ll discuss which area you want to target. How much fat you can lose depends on size and amount of fat cells in the targeted area.

Plan Sessions

Once you have decided your target area, your provider will let you know the amount of sessions you’ll need to achieve your goals. You can have as many treatments as you want within a session, and most patients can achieve their desired results within one to two sessions.

Target Problem Areas with CoolSculpting Elite® for Men


If you’ve been keeping an extreme diet or unrealistic gym routine with no results, it could be doing more harm than good. Everything is best in moderation including your diet and exercise. To achieve that defined physique without stressing yourself out further, Coolsculpting Elite® can help. Wherever you have excess fat you’d like to reduce, here are some areas Coolsculpting Elite® for men can target:


As men get older, a well-defined chest can be hard to maintain. An imbalance of testosterone and estrogen can cause fatty tissue to build up around the pectorals. Coolsculpting Elite® for men can target this area to remove the fat and help sculpt the chest you desire.

Stomach and Abs

On any body, the stomach is one of the most difficult places to lose fat. Especially in older men, pot bellies are extremely common and stubborn to shrink. Coolsculpting Elite® for men can eliminate fat in the area and bring definition to abs as well.

Lower back

Coolsculpting Elite® for men can help reduce fat in hard-to-tone places like the lower back. Even people who spend hours working out and can still have love handles. If this is one of your problem areas, consider booking a consultation with your provider.

Chin and Neck

Losing definition in the neck and chin area is one of the first signs of aging. If you want more contour then Coolsculpting Elite® is an option for you. Coolsculpting Elite® for men offer treatment in the neck and chin area to give you back the jawline of your youth.

Other Areas

Besides the most common areas stated above, Coolsculpting Elite® for men also offer treatment in the thighs, upper arms, and glutes. If any of these areas are bothersome for you, consult your provider about your Coolsculpting Elite® options.

How CoolSculpting Elite® Works

After you receive a consultation with your provider and create a personalized treatment plan, the procedure itself is quick and efficient:

  1. To begin, one of our providers will outline the area you want to target. Then the area is covered with a gel pad that will act as a barrier between your skin and the applicator.
  2. Your provider then applies the applicator. Most patients report a cold feeling similar to an ice pack along with some slight pressure, but after ten minutes, the area should become temporarily numb.
  3. Now’s your time to relax as the treatment takes effect. That could include reading, responding to emails, napping, or watching a show.
  4. At the end of the treatment, your provider will remove the applicator and gel pad. Your aesthetician then massages the targeted area to break up the fat cells.
  5. Now your session is done and you are free to continue your day.

Common Side Effects of Coolsculpting for Men

While Coolsculpting Elite® is a relatively painless procedure, some men will still experience temporary side effects. These side effects will be discussed with your provider during your consultation. Most side effects are temporary and often resolve themselves within 14 days after treatment. The most common side effects include numbness and a slight pain or pinching during procedure that might come and go after. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the risks, your provider can tell you how we put your safety first during your procedure.

CoolSculpting Elite® Results

After you complete your sessions you should see full results within two to four months. The targeted areas will be more defined. To see your results sooner, apply daily massages to the area. To keep your results, you should maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. If your results are not maintained, it is possible to regain new fat. It’s important to remember that Coolsculpting Elite® for men is not a weight loss procedure, but rather a fat removal solution.

After CoolSculpting Elite®


To ensure minimal discomfort, maximum results, and a stress-free recovery, we recommend the following after your procedure:

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing
  • Move around to avoid inflammation
  • Take over-the-counters or try warm compresses for any pain
  • Massage targeted area daily

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your recovery, you can contact your provider or discuss them in your follow-up appointment.


Feel Like Your Best Self

Whether you want Coolsculpting Elite® to add extra definition to your muscles or to regain the body of your youth, we’re here to help. Coolsculpting Elite® for men is one of the safest and most efficient fat loss procedures. We want to help you achieve the results that will make you feel like your golden days are still ahead.

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