Questions About CoolSculpting®

If you want to learn more about CoolSculpting® as a fat reduction treatment for you, then our CoolSculpting® FAQs are a great place to start.

What is CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® technology uses cold to freeze fat permanently. Developed by Harvard scientists, this procedure reduces pockets of fat in trouble spots, such as the hips, abdomen, bra line area, chin, and more. It can target pinchable fat and non-pinchable fat (such as that found on the outer thighs). CoolSculpting® technology targets fat without harming important structures such as skin, nerves, and blood vessels. Most people with pinchable fat are great candidates and our team of advanced trained CoolSculpting® technicians is very good about assessing you to see if CoolSculpting® will work for you.

Is CoolSculpting® Safe and Effective?

This is one of our most common CoolSculpting® FAQs, but you can rest assured as CoolSculpting® is both safe and effective. Approved in 2010 by the FDA for non-surgical, non-invasive permanent fat reduction, CoolSculpting® has become the world’s number one procedure for eliminating unwanted fat non-surgically. By 2018, more than 7 million CoolSculpting® treatments have been performed worldwide. We find that most patients have one or two areas of unwanted fat that bother them. Often, these areas are not affected by exercise and can be the last area to respond to dieting.

Is CoolSculpting® Painful?

Although there is no downtime with CoolSculpting®, meaning you can return to your normal activities immediately, there are brief periods, both during the treatment and immediately afterward, in which there can be discomfort. When the applicator is placed, and after the cooling is first engaged, patients can feel cold and some slight burning for a few minutes. As the tissue becomes numb, the procedure is quite comfortable and most patients relax, sleep, watch Netflix, or even read and do paperwork. This procedure is perfect for the busy professional who does not have time to take off work for the surgery but still wants to reduce areas of fat on the body. Once the treatment is complete, we do a massage for 2 minutes to maximize your treatment, and most patients indicate that this is the least favorite time of the treatment. You can expect tenderness, swelling and maybe even bruising for the first week after treatment. Numbness can last a few weeks. Most patients resume their normal activities, including exercise and work, immediately.

What Does CoolSculpting® Cost?

There are several different applicators to fit different areas of the body. Treatment times can vary from one applicator to the other and since we tailor each treatment to the individual patient, it is impossible to give accurate costs. However, we accept all major credit cards and proudly offer Care Credit, including the 12-month-no-interest option for those patients who wish to use this option. We are also active on social media and have monthly e-blasts to let our patients know of any specials on CoolSculpting®.

Do Men Get CoolSculpting®?

Men are the fastest-growing segment of our patient population for CoolSculpting® treatment. Men with busy schedules often seek this treatment because it has no downtime. Typical treatment areas for our male patients include love handles, abdomen, chest, and neck. When considering options for your fat reduction, we encourage you to explore our CoolSculpting® For Men page.

Is CoolSculpting® Better Than Traditional Liposuction?

While CoolSculpting® and liposuction are similar in that they both permanently remove fat, they are two completely different procedures. One is not inherently “better” than the other. Whether you choose CoolSculpting® or liposuction depends on your desired results, the areas you want to treat, your current health, and more.

CoolSculpting® differs from liposuction in that it is non-surgical with no incisions, no surgery, and no downtime. It also targets smaller areas that you’d like to see improvement in. For our non-surgical body contouring patients, CoolSculpting® might require more than one treatment per area to achieve the results they want.

Liposuction, on the other hand, is a surgical fat-removing procedure. It is a better option for those that have larger areas of fat to remove. The results may also be apparent more quickly than CoolSculpting®.

Both procedures have swelling and numbness that can take several weeks to subside and both procedures take 3-4 months for the final results. Some patients who are not medically cleared to undergo liposuction could be viable candidates for CoolSculpting®. At Gayoso Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, we offer both procedures. At your consultation, your provider will help you determine which procedure is best for you.

Questions About CoolSculpting®
Questions About CoolSculpting®

Are There Any Age Restrictions For CoolSculpting®?

No. CoolSculpting® is not an age-dependent procedure. Our trained CoolSculpting® technicians can assess you and determine if you are an appropriate candidate and have patients ranging in age from their 20s to late 70s. Our goal is to help you meet your goal and educate you on what you can and can not expect from CoolSculpting®. This procedure does not tighten skin, and we will be very upfront with you if we have concerns that you might have skin laxity after your treatment. We have patients that undergo CoolSculpting® before their tummy tuck procedure to maximize their tummy tuck results.

I’m “Skinny Fat,” Can I Still Get CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® is for all body types and can help boost your self-confidence and improve your appearance. We have patients that are very fit but have small areas of fat that won’t go away with exercise and dieting. They call themselves ‘skinny fat’. CoolSculpting® works well on both small and large areas of pinchable fat.

Will I Lose Weight With CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® is not a weight loss program; it is a fat-reducing procedure. Fat cells take up space, but they don’t weigh as much as lean muscle does. We recommend that you be at your stable or goal weight. However, we have seen CoolSculpting® work well on patients that might struggle with larger areas of fat, and even result in jump-starting them to take better care of themselves with diet and exercise.
Questions About CoolSculpting®

Why ChooseGayoso Plastic Surgery and MedSpa for CoolSculpting® For Your Treatment?

Since its approval in 2010 by the FDA, CoolSculpting® has become the world’s number one non-surgical permanent fat-reducing procedure. Gayoso Plastic Surgery and MedSpa began offering this amazing technology in 2012 as a complement and alternative to our surgical services that included traditional liposuction and tummy tuck surgery, two gold standards for surgical fat reduction. Including non-surgical body contouring like CoolSculpting® with our surgical body contouring options was a natural fit that made sense. With more than 2,000 treatments in CoolSculpting® alone, along with thousands of body-contouring surgical patients, Gayoso Plastic Surgery and MedSpa’s CoolSculpting® staff are well-prepared to assess, treat and support our patients in their quest for non-surgical fat reduction. To put it simply: we know fat, we know body contouring, and we know CoolSculpting®. Under the guidance, teaching, and supervision of Dr. Gayoso, a board-certified plastic surgeon with 21 years of experience in body contouring, we know we can achieve beautiful results that our patients can see, appreciate and enjoy.

Achieve More

The slimmer figure you want to see is not as impossible as you think. With guidance from our experienced providers to help you along the way, you’ll be able to achieve more than you ever thought you could. If you have any other CoolSculpting® FAQs or you are ready to work towards a more satisfying body shape, contact us to schedule your consultation.