Breast Implant Placement

If you’re still deciding which breast implant placement option is best for you, here is the information you need to know to make the best decision with your surgeon.
Breast Implant Options

Your Options for Breast Implant Placement

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In designing the best breast augmentation procedure for you, one of the four decisions to make is the placement of the breast implant. There are two general options for the placement of the breast implant:

  • Subglandular: Over the muscle, sometimes called subfascial placement
  • Subpectoral: Under the muscle, sometimes called submuscular placement

There are pros and cons to each option, and ultimately, the decision will be based on the input from your surgeon, your unique needs, and your aesthetic goals. We are here to educate you on the different options you have before you decide how you’d like to proceed with your breast implant surgery.

Submuscular Placement

In some practices, a plastic surgeon can place the breast implant under the pectoral muscle, which is behind the breast gland. Your provider may recommend this if you have a thinner upper breast, making it more likely that the edges of the implant will be visible. The technique adds the thickness of the muscle to the upper breast, which can help provide a smooth upper breast contour.

Advantages of submuscular placement include:
  • Better contour of the upper breast in general
  • Potentially less interference with mammogram
Disadvantages of submuscular placement include:
  • Slightly greater postoperative discomfort and longer recovery time
  • The breast might change shape when you use your arms and flex your pectoral muscles (animation deformity)
  • The implant may not sag over time in the same way the overlying breast does, which could cause the breast to become lower than the implant

With submuscular placement, the central and upper part of the implant is covered by muscle, but the lower end is still subglandular. This is because the muscle is a little higher than the breast. Since the implant must be appropriately centered behind the nipple, it remains uncovered by muscle at its lower end.

Subglandular Placement

With the subglandular breast implant placement option, your surgeon will place the breast implant immediately behind the breast gland or fascia, and on top of the pectoral muscles. Subglandular augmentation may be a good option if you have adequate tissue thickness to produce a natural-looking result with a smooth upper breast contour.

Advantages of subglandular placement include:
  • Better filling out of the skin in some cases
  • No unnatural motion or flexing of the breast
  • More unified aging (sagging) of the breast tissue and implant over time
Disadvantages of subglandular placement include:
  • Potential for greater visibility of the upper edge of the implant

Personalized Care

At Gayoso Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, we will help you determine which placement is right for you to provide the best, most natural-looking results. We customize every breast implant surgery to take into account your specific body shape along with your wants and needs. If you’re interested in learning more about what we can do for you, contact us to schedule your consultation.