Mommy Makeover

Mothers not only dedicate their lives to their children but their bodies too. Stretch marks, cellulite, and loose skin are all signs of a mother’s strength and sacrifice. However, it’s also perfectly normal to miss your before-baby body. You put your children first; let us help you put yourself first with a Mommy Makeover.


What a Mommy Makeover Can Do For You

While it may be called a Mommy Makeover, anyone that’s been through pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, or a significant weight change can redefine their body. To create a more youthful and lifted look your Mommy Makeover can address issues such as:

  • Sagging or flattened breasts
  • Stretched or large nipples and areolas
  • Breast asymmetry, shape, or size
  • Sagging, stretched skin or separated muscles in the abdomen
  • Diet and exercise-resistant fat
  • Contour irregularities

The goal of a Mommy Makeover is to restore your body contour and help you feel like yourself again. If you have any concerns, we’re here to listen. We encourage you to discuss your goals, expectations, and worries with your provider. Together, we can help you determine which options are best for you.


What to Expect for Your Mommy Makeover Procedure

After your initial consultation and two to four weeks before your surgery, your first pre-op will be with a nurse who will go over your current medication, health history, and previous surgeries to make sure there are no complications. At this time, the nurse will also give you your pre and post-op care instructions and answer any questions you might have. After your first pre-op, your second pre-op will be with your surgeon. They will walk you through your procedure again and address any questions or concerns you may have.

On the day of surgery, you will meet with the OR nurses who will prepare you for your surgery. At this time, your surgeon will answer any last minute questions and do any markings if necessary. After you speak with your anesthesiologist to discuss any previous anesthesia issues, you are ready for surgery. A mommy makeover is an outpatient procedure, so for your safety, you will need someone to drive you home from the procedure and stay at least one night with you after.


Customizable to Your Desires

Relationship Based Approach at Gayoso Plastic Surgery
Every woman’s body is beautifully unique, so your procedure should be too. At your consultation, you and your provider will discuss the areas you want to treat and design a Mommy Makeover that will target those areas. Your Mommy Makeover will typically include a combination of any of these procedures:

Breast Augmentation

After having children, many women often experience deflated or disproportionate breasts. A lot of women choose to undergo breast augmentation in their Mommy Makeover. This procedure includes saline or silicone implants to add volume and shape depending on the appearance you want to achieve.

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A breast lift, or a mastopexy, removes excess skin around the breasts to give them a little boost. For a more youthful appearance, a breast lift also restores the nipple to the center of the breast. A breast reduction is similar to a breast lift as it can reduce sagging and reposition the breast to a more upright position.

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If you want to address loose skin in your abdomen, we offer an abdominoplasty (AKA tummy tuck) that can address the area depending on your specific needs. If you have loose or stretched skin in the stomach area from pregnancy, aging, or significant weight loss, your provider might recommend a tummy tuck.

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CoolSculpting® Elite

Additional Mommy Makeover Procedures

Depending on your goals and the other areas you want to address, there are some optional procedures you can also add to your Mommy Makeover. Along with the general procedures we offer, you can also discuss the following with your options with your provider.

Brazilian Butt Lift

If your goal is to create more volume in your buttocks, you can get a Brazilian Butt Lift with your Mommy Makeover. While it may be called a butt lift, a Brazilian Butt Lift doesn’t lift the butt. During a Brazilian Butt Lift, your surgeon takes fat from another area of your body and injects it above the gluteal muscle to alter the shape.

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If you want to address areas of stubborn fat during your Mommy Makeover, you can also choose to include liposuction. At Gayoso Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, we offer SAFELipo for even and smooth results. SAFELipo’s improved technology means you’ll receive less damage to the skin and blood vessels. This results in a safer and more precise procedure when compared to other liposuction techniques. Our surgeons can combine liposuction with any other procedure you choose to target areas you want to improve.

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A labiaplasty surgically reduces the size of the labia minora and/or labia majora. An enlarged labia can be a result of childbirth, aging, or genetics, and reducing them can help boost self-confidence. It’s important to note that a labiaplasty is not a gender change, only a cosmetic procedure. If you want a labiaplasty with your Mommy Makeover, you and your provider can discuss your options and what’s best for you.

CoolSculpting Elite®

If liposuction isn’t the fat removal procedure for you, CoolSculpting Elite® is another permanent fat removal option we offer that is non-invasive. CoolSculpting Elite® uses patented cooling technology to freeze away fat cells while protecting your skin.

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Recovering from Your Mommy Makeover

Since your Mommy Makeover is unique to you, your recovery process will also be custom to you. Your recovery will take weeks to months for you to feel more like yourself depending on your Mommy Makeover. Your provider will give you aftercare instructions based on the extent of your surgery, your specific needs, and your lifestyle.

All Mommy Makeovers are outpatient procedures, so you will need to have someone pick you up from surgery and spend at least one night with you. If you notice any signs of infection, like fever or worsening pain, contact your provider. About 48 to 72 hours after your procedure, you will have your first postoperative visit to ensure you are healing right.

Mommy Makeover
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Putting Your Safety First

We believe the most successful procedures begin with clear communication with our patients. To start our relationship with you, we require you to have a consultation with your provider before you can begin. At your consultation, you and your provider will discuss your health history, previous surgeries, current medications, and your goals with the Mommy Makeover. With this information, you and your provider can decide which combination of procedures is safest and most beneficial to you.

More Than a Makeover

When designing your Mommy Makeover, it’s important to choose the right surgeon. At Gayoso Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, our team of board-certified plastic surgeons puts your safety and goals first by listening to what you want and recommending which procedure is best for you. It’s your time to put yourself first, and we’re here to help you feel confident both inside and out.

Tummy Tuck
Tummy Tuck

Maintaining Your Results

Once you’ve undergone your Mommy Makeover, you’ll want to keep up with your results. The best way to maintain your looks is with a healthy diet and consistent exercise. We also believe skincare is the best preventative care. We offer a wide range of products with our skincare line for every skincare concern. You can ask your provider about their recommendations for you. We also highly encourage daily sunscreen use to prevent sun damage and keep your skin healthy.