Will I Have Scars After Breast Surgery?

Jul 16, 2013

One of the most frequent questions St. Petersburg- area patients ask before undergoing breast surgery is, “Will I have scars?” This is understandable, as you want an attractive, youthful looking chest. The most important consideration when answering this question is the quality of your surgeon. The ability of the doctor performing your breast surgery will play a significant role in determining how much scarring remains after your procedure.

Each breast surgery procedure is different and will produce different amounts of scarring.


Breast Augmentation

It’s usually possible to hide any scarring in inconspicuous, hard-to-sight areas of your body, such as along your breast crease. Your choice of incision location will play a significant role in determining how much visible scarring is left after your breast surgery.

Breast Lift

These procedures usually causes scarring, though there are techniques that reduce post-procedure scarring.

Breast Reduction

Will leave some scars. They fade over time and usually are left in areas easily covered by swimsuits, but the scars never fully disappear.

Dr. Antonio Gayoso will answer any questions about breast surgery you might have. He’ll also evaluate you to determine which procedure is right for you and discuss options that can reduce the amount of scarring you have after your surgery.

If you’re a woman in the St. Petersburg, Florida area considering breast surgery, please contact Gayoso Plastic Surgery today.

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