What Is Breast-Augmentation Recovery Like?

Feb 12, 2019

Breast augmentation, or augmentation mammoplasty, is an extremely popular cosmetic procedure that is employed by surgeons worldwide to enhance the size and projection of their patients’ breasts. If you are unhappy with your natural breast size, you can always come in for a breast augmentation to achieve a fuller bust that is proportionate to your body contours.

The procedure involves adding artificial implants under the breast tissue or chest muscles to achieve the desired bust size. Two of the most common breast implant types that are used in the augmentation procedure are saline breast implants and silicone breast implants, with the latter being the more popular of the two.

One of the most common concerns many women have regarding this procedure is how fast they will recover after the surgery. Here, we will discuss what you should expect after breast augmentation and when you will be able to see your desired results.

What to Expect from the Recovery

After the breast-augmentation surgery, the breasts will be properly covered with the help of gauze dressing and a support bra or elastic bandage to provide support to the weakened breast tissues. This compression garment is also necessary to eliminate the risk of fluid buildup and swelling in the operated site. This aids in a faster recovery.

Once the surgery has been performed, the patient will be transported to a recovery area where their vital signs will be monitored for an hour or so to ensure that they are stable and can then be sent home.

Dr. Gayoso will prescribe you a list of antibiotics and analgesic medications for the purpose of managing any pain, discomfort, or swelling that you might experience during the recovery period.

You will be required to wear the compression garment around the clock or as instructed by Dr. Gayoso. Depending upon the specifications of your individual case, the doctor might either ask you to cleanse the sutured area and apply an ointment regularly or recommend leaving the bandage and tape on.

Patients are advised to avoid all strenuous activities, including exercise, lifting weights, and running, for at least a couple of weeks until the swelling and soreness of the breast tissues subside.

When Will You See the Results?

In general, the sixth week is when most patients are able to witness the final results of their breast-augmentation surgery. It is during this time that the breast tissues have fully healed and the implants have settled in their intended location.

In a majority of the cases, the sixth week after the breast augmentation marks the end of the recovery process. Most patients are allowed to exercise and wear their favorite push-up or underwire bra again after the sixth week.

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