When Your Upper Eyelids Are Sagging, Blepharoplasty Can Help

Feb 2, 2018

Plastic surgery procedures are no longer as intimidating as they once were. There has been a steady rise in the number of people that opt for cosmetic procedures every year. The eyes are the most prominent features of the face, and a simple correction of the eyelids can result in a dramatic enhancement to one’s appearance. Blepharoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure performed on the eyelids.

Reasons Why People Opt for Blepharoplasty

To start with, there are some cases where drooping eyelids can hinder peripheral vision. The issue may be even more pronounced while reading or driving. Correcting the eyelids with blepharoplasty can help correct one’s vision.

If you have heard people tell you that you look exhausted too often, chances are that your eyelids are sagging. This can be natural in some people, and in others, it can occur with aging. This is another case where blepharoplasty can help.

Some people have bags below their eyes and wish to remove them forever. A surgery can help eliminate puffy undereye bags.

If the skin around the eyes loses its firmness and lines and wrinkles form, this can be corrected by performing blepharoplasty to pull the skin taut.

What Happens During Blepharoplasty?

The surgery begins with the administration of anesthesia. A general anesthesia or sedative is vital for preventing any pain or discomfort.

Next, the doctor observes the eye shape and the natural folds. This helps decide the position of the incision. The traditional upper-eyelid incision is made in the natural crease between the upper lid and the area below the eyebrow. The lower-eyelid incision can be created either just below the lash line or on the inner part of the lower lid.

The next step is the actual correction itself. The surgery can be done either on the upper or the lower eyelids or both as required. If there is loose skin to be tightened or removed, drooping muscles to be tightened or removed, or excess fat to be removed or repositioned, this is carried out by the surgeon at this point.

Once the necessary corrections are made, the incisions are sutured closed. This is done using medical stitches or skin glue.

The Recovery Process

After the eyelid surgery, it is in the hands of the patient to take care of their eyelids appropriately. Instructions are given by the surgeon for post-surgical care, and the patient must follow these directions as closely as possible for a smooth recovery process.

A degree of temporary bruising and swelling is common after this procedure. If removable stitches were used to close the incisions, the patient is called back for the removal of the stitches after a week during a follow-up appointment. Once the patient has fully recovered, the beautiful results are apparent yet natural-looking.

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