Tummy Tuck and Bikinis–Will My Scar Show?

May 19, 2011

One of the main reasons people want a tummy tuck is to help them look their best in a swimsuit. But women are concerned that the procedure will not help because the tighter, firmer stomach will be overbalanced by the presence of a surgical scar.

All surgery produces scars. Dr. Gayoso’s delicate surgical technique establishes the best possible conditions for the healing of your incision, and following postoperative instructions will ensure the scar heals as subtly as possible. But it cannot be eliminated altogether.

Fortunately, the scar from a tummy tuck is very low, so low that it is easily concealed by most bikini bottoms. No longer will you be limited to one pieces, monokinis, and concealing tops like tankinis. You’ll look better than ever in these swimsuits, but you won’t have to worry about concealing a sagging belly. You will be able to wear traditional bikinis, boyshorts, skirted bottoms, most anything with a full or moderate back, and anything with a high waist.

Because every body and every swimsuit is different, you should try on anything that you like–you’ll be delighted with all your options.

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