Skin Care with the “Good Skin Fairy”, Gina

Apr 28, 2011

We know good skin care isn’t really magic. It’s just a subtle combination of intuition, art, empathy, and technology that happens to be indistinguishable from magic.

It’s hard to say exactly how our “Good Skin Fairy”, Gina Gathings-Giancola achieves the remarkable results she does, but it’s certain that with remarkable consistency she helps people with all manner of skin problems to achieve a youthful, healthy glow. That’s why she’s in charge of our Med Spa. During your consultation with Gina, she will assess the condition of your skin by listening to you, making personal observations, and performing a complexion analysis. Then, based on your stated goals, she will recommend a combination of treatments to meet them. This may include:

  • A custom selection of skin care products
  • Facials and peels
  • A microdermabrasion-peel combination
  • Oxygen trio therapy
  • Laser and light treatments

We think you’ll be astounded and impressed by the remarkable results Gina is able to achieve.

To get your own customized treatment plan, please call 727-895-1515 or email Gayoso Plastic Surgery today to set up an appointment with Gina, our “Good Skin Fairy”.

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