Running with Breast Implants

Jul 25, 2012

Many women in the Tampa area love to keep fit, and running is one of the most popular forms of exercise. It burns many calories and helps women keep their bodies toned and swimsuit-ready, with only one exception: their breasts. Runners often look to breast augmentation to help them achieve their ideal look because they have successfully eliminated practically all the fat in their bodies, including that in their breasts. They are concerned, however, that breast implants will affect their running.

Do not worry. Women with breast implants can continue all the exercise they enjoyed before surgery, including running, if they take a few important tips to heart.

Keep proportionate: Breast implants that are properly sized for your body will be less likely to interfere with running. The larger the implants, the more likely they are to interfere. During your consultation, Dr. Antonio J. Gayoso will measure your chest and natural breasts and help you decide about the right size breast implants to get the results you desire without interfering with running or other exercise.

Take time to recover: Many runners love running and have a hard time taking time off after surgery. It’s understandable: you love your hobby and want to resume it. But resuming running too soon after surgery can increase your risk of complications, including the possible need for revision, which will lead to more time off. You can begin light exercise within days of surgery, but postpone running until Dr. Gayoso clears you.

Wear an appropriate sports bra: You may not have given much thought to your sports bra before, but finding the right one now will protect your breast augmentation results and keep breast implants from interfering with your running. You may have worn a compression bra before surgery, but after surgery you might feel more comfortable with something more form-fitting and supportive. Look for one in the encapsulated or natural-shaping style with an underwire and racer-style back.

If you run regularly (3 or more times a week), you’ll want to replace your sports bra about every 6-12 months to ensure you’re not using one with worn-out elastic that no longer gives you the support you need.

Following these tips will make sure you are able to enjoy running just as much after breast augmentation as before.

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