What Is Recovery after a Facelift Like?

Sep 23, 2011

Recovery from a facelift procedure can actually be harder, both physically and emotionally, than recovery from other plastic surgery procedures. Because of the amount and type of tissues that are being repositioned or removed, facelift recovery is surprisingly hard on the body. And because your face is your identity, some people find that the normal three-day slump after plastic surgery is particularly difficult for a facelift.

On the day of your surgery, you should be taken home by a responsible adult, who should stay with you over the first night. During your first day, you should focus on resting. Sleep. Drink water. Eat if you feel like it. You will likely have bandages or supportive garments or wraps on your face.

Throughout recovery, the key to ensuring you get the results you desire on a reasonable timeframe is to not push yourself too hard. During your first few days of recovery, it is best to have someone with you to help you take care of the daily chores. During this early period, one of the main dangers to avoid is sudden craning of the neck, which can lead to hematoma–either additional bruises or blood-filled pockets. Knowing that someone else is watching the pets or kids can keep you from suddenly jerking your head around every time one of them makes a noise.

Another good reason to have support is because many people go through some depression after all plastic surgery, and sometimes it is worse with a facelift. Although you know in your head that it will get better, sometimes you start looking at yourself in the mirror and imagine it won’t. You see your bruises and swelling and imagine that your procedure is somehow already a failure and you won’t get better. Having someone around can help you keep recovery in perspective.

After about the first week you will have a follow-up visit with Dr. Gayoso. At this point, most of your swelling and bruising will have diminished significantly. Almost everyone is cleared to return to nonstrenuous work and to use concealing makeup everywhere but on the incisions. Some people heal more slowly and may need more time. If Dr. Gayoso recommends you take a couple more days off work, please listen and give your body the time it needs to fully recover.

You should feel fully recovered in about a month, but expect that your final results may take up to 8 weeks to be visible.

If you have more questions about recovery from a facelift, please contact Gayoso Plastic Surgery in Tampa to schedule your consultation today.

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