What Are My Options for Removing Loose Upper Arm Skin?

Dec 20, 2011

There are really only two options for removing loose upper arm skin: nonsurgical procedures that don’t work and the surgical one that does. If you are bothered by loose excess skin in your upper arms and don’t mind taking a gamble, you can try some of the nonsurgical options available. The majority of patients report that these procedures are simply not worth the cost and discomfort associated with them, but some patients do see satisfactory results. You may get lucky.

If, on the other hand, you want a procedure that is guaranteed to remove your excess arm skin, you should consider an arm lift. In an arm lift the excess skin is surgically removed, giving you the tight contour in your upper arms that you desire.

The main tradeoff in an arm lift is the presence of a significant scar. How large your scar will be depends on the location and amount of skin that must be removed. However, at our practice, patients almost universally report that the benefit they get from the improved contour far outweighs the appearance of the scar, which fades significantly with proper care.

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