October 2018 Coolsculpting

Oct 2, 2018

Modern day fat reducing does not mean you have to have surgery. Coolsculpting®, a non-invasive in-office procedure allows for us to freeze your fat while you read, watch TV or even nap. World-wide, more than 8 million people have taken advantage of this FDA cleared technology and at Gayoso Plastic Surgery, we’ve been freezing fat with Coolsculpting since 2012. Freezing fat with Coolsculpting works! Our dedicated team is so excited to help each of our patients reached their body contouring goals. A typical consultation takes 30 minutes, and includes a review of our Coolsculpting photo gallery that has hundreds of photos of our very own patients that we’ve treated since 2012. Cool sculpting offers the busy person an non-surgical options for removing stubborn fat.

Our Team and CoolSculpting

As a premier plastic surgery practice in St Petersburg, Florida, we are capable of assessing you and offering the best body contouring procedure for YOU. It might be Cool sculpting….but if you’re not a candidate for this amazing technology, we have other tools that can get you to your goals. Unlike offices that are not surgical based, we do not have to rely solely on just Cool sculpting for our body contouring patients. Our dedicated  staff has completed advanced training on this wonderful fat freezing technology.  Gina Pollick, our Coolsculpting Team Lead, recently attended the Masters Course, an advanced training course created by Allergan to provide advanced treatment instruction for the this fat freezing technology. As of October 2018, only 150 persons worldwide  have completed this rigourous training!

We proudly introduced DualSculpting® into our office in September 2018. With 2 Coolsculpting devices, we can now treat multiple areas at a time, effectively lowering treatment times. Your time is valuable and if we can get you in and out while addressing and treating all of your problem areas, we consider that a win-win.

Many of our Coolsculpting patients are busy professionals, moms with children at  home and even college students, all of whom may or may not be able to take time out in their busy schedules to get treated. We proudly offer evening and weekend hours to accommodate the needs of those persons that may struggle to get to a traditional M-F appointment.

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