Mini procedure. Mini results.

Oct 9, 2015

Are ‘mini’ surgeries worth it? Probably not. Patients often present to the office with requests for ‘mini’ procedures (“I just want a mini tummy tuck” or “I don’t need a full facelift, I just want a mini lift”), thinking that a mini procedure can get the results they are aiming for while providing an easier recovery. While there are a select number of patients who truly only ‘need’ a mini tummy tuck or a mini facelift, most patients require traditional procedures in order to deliver the results that they are searching for.

What Is A Mini Procedure

Mini procedures generally deliver mini results and leave a patient disappointed and wishing they had undergone the full, traditional procedure. In facial aesthetics, the face generally ages as a unit and therefore, all areas need to be addressed in order to provide maximum improvement. On rare occasions, and generally in our younger patients, a mini facelift is appropriate, and might consist of a necklift or a cheeklift only. But those patients are few and far between. To address facial aging comprehensively, we will look at the neck, cheek, eyes and forehead and then determine a plan to help improve all of those areas or several of them at a single setting. Recovery might be longer and more difficult, but results will be long lasting and complete.

Tummy tuck surgery is approached in much the same fashion. Young, slender women who have had children and who only have some extra loose skin below the belly button, may be candidates for mini tummy tuck surgery, but certainly this mini procedure won’t improve the upper abdominal region nor can it create a flat tummy. It can also lead to areas of untreated loose skin along the lower hip region.

When considering if you are a candidate for a mini procedure, keep in mind that a mini procedure can mean mini results…

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