How Long Is the Recovery Period from a Facelift?

Aug 12, 2011

Recovery from plastic surgery is different for everyone, and how long it takes for you will depend on your general health, your typical healing rate, and how well you follow postoperative instructions.

In general, most people should count on taking a week off from work following a facelift. By this time, the discomfort should have largely passed. Your swelling will be diminished considerably. In most people, it is not noticeable by this time. There may be some residual bruising, but at this point you can safely wear concealing makeup. Some people, though, may require up to two weeks off from work to fully heal. To get the best results, it is important not to rush back to your daily routine. Allow yourself the time you need to recover and you will be glad you did.

However, the recovery period is not quite finished. You should refrain from strenuous activity for at least four weeks after surgery or until Dr. Gayoso clears you. Your results will also continue to improve for up to 8 weeks

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