For Long-Lasting Facelift Results, Sooner Is Better Than Later

Mar 15, 2012

According to a study published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (JPRS) in January, patients under 50 get the longest-lasting results from their facelift surgery.

This recent study compared the short-term and long-term patient satisfaction with expert analysis of photographs. Researchers then analyzed differences in long-term outcomes for patients in three age groups, based on their age at the time of surgery: <50, 50-60, >60. The patients in the youngest age group had the highest and most consistent satisfaction with their results at both short and long-term follow-up (mean 12.6 years after surgery). Results for the over 60 age group were more mixed. Although in general they looked younger than age-matched controls, they had signs of regression in the areas treated by facelifts. This confirms previous results by the authors showing that older patients had less consistent results from a facelift. Overall, patient satisfaction was high (97.8% one year after surgery and 68.5% at long-term follow-up).

The study authors use this information to recommend “maintenance” facelifts among patients who might normally be steered away from facelifts to less invasive rejuvenation methods. They say the best age for a facelift may be under 50 for most patients.

Gauging the longevity of facelift results is difficult because they last so long it can be hard to arrange follow-up and assessment at the required ten year and more intervals. Therefore, these study results are welcome and provide helpful insight into selecting candidates for facelift surgery.

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