Evolution of the Consultation

Mar 26, 2020

Modern day medicine is evolving and changing with the times. There is no greater evidence demonstrating this than the virtual consultation. Unheard of until recent years, telemedicine (i.e. virtual consultations) are fast becoming the norm. A virtual consultation offers many benefits and brings our office to your home at a time (and place) that is more convenient for you.   

The Convenience of a Virtual Consult

To start, think about just the routine of getting yourself to your appointment and everything that is involved before seeing the provider. This includes getting into the car, sitting in traffic, finding a parking spot, sitting in the waiting room…. With a virtual appointment, most of these issues no longer apply. Now, there may still be a wait (we try very hard to be on time but sometimes, we may run a bit behind). Virtual appointments allow you to remain in the comfort of home or work.

Your Information is Kept Private

Fortunately, the technology of an EMR (electronic medical record) allows for private, safe virtual consultations. We maintain HIPAA compliant programs and make every effort to keep your information private. With a virtual consultation, there is not a lot of information needed in order to have a successful consultation with our providers. 

Gayoso Plastic Surgery for Your Virtual Consultation

We realize the importance of time and strive to create a consultation that is convenient for you. It can be daunting talking about parts of your body that you may dislike or have insecurity about. At Gayoso Plastic Surgery, we have transitioned our highly sought-after face to face consultations into a welcoming, non-judgemental virtual consultation that patients are loving. The purpose of the consult is for information. Therefore Dr. Gayoso, Jessica McCarry, PA-C and Gina Pollick, Coolsculpting Team Lead will spend ample time giving you up to date information and answering any questions you might have. Once you’ve completed your virtual consultation and when you are ready to move to a face-to-face consult, you will find it much easier because there will be a familiar face welcoming you to our office.

Moving Forward

Uncertain times are often when innovations, especially those in medicine, shine. Our virtual consultation, bringing our providers into your home, is one of those innovations that we know you will appreciate and enjoy.  Our office is here for whatever your needs may be. Informed Decisions. Inspired Results…virtually now more than ever. 

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If you’re curious about a cosmetic procedure or are ready to take the next step and invest in yourself, we’re here to help make it happen. Don’t hesitate to schedule your first consultation with us to get started.

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