Everything You Need to Know About the Top 5 Common Dermal Fillers

Jul 5, 2024

Are you looking to restore lost volume from aging, define your features, or simply enhance your natural beauty? Dermal fillers might be the solution you’ve been searching for! There is a wide range of dermal fillers available to choose from, each offering unique benefits and results. It’s essential to understand the differences to determine which one aligns most with your goals. Let’s take a look into the top five common dermal fillers and what sets them apart so you can look and feel your best!

1. Juvéderm®

Juvéderm® is a hyaluronic acid-based filler and is a popular choice among patients looking to add volume and restore a more youthful appearance! Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring compound in our bodies, plays a crucial role in supporting the skin’s structure and attracting hydration. By injecting Juvéderm®, you can enjoy long-lasting hydration and improved skin texture. You can use it anywhere from decreasing the look of wrinkles to plumping the lips, improving the appearance of hollow eyes, and so much more! Over time, your body will absorb the hyaluronic acid in the filler, but the effects of Juvéderm® are long-lasting. You can expect to enjoy your results for up to six to twenty-four months!

2. Radiesse®

Radiesse® is another one of the most common dermal fillers among patients. This one-of-a-kind filler is made from calcium hydroxylapatite, a substance naturally found in our bones. Along with helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals, it’s been an incredible tool for reconstructive surgery and dental work. Radiesse® is thicker than hyaluronic acid fillers, making it suitable for deep lines and wrinkles. It can also stimulate natural collagen and elastin production, helping improve the look of skin from within. With results lasting up to 12 months, you can expect long-lasting youthful, more beautiful skin with Radiesse®!

3. Sculptra®

Sculptra Dermal Fillers
Sculptra®, a filler made of Poly-L-lactic acid, acts as a collagen stimulator, helping your skin produce and rebuild collagen over time. This unique filler is biocompatible and biodegradable, meaning your body can naturally absorb it, and you’re less likely to experience negative side effects. Whether you want to address deeper wrinkles or restore facial volume, Sculptra® provides long-lasting rejuvenation. With Sculptra®, you can enjoy smooth and natural-looking results lasting more than two years!

4. Restylane®

Restylane®, like Juvéderm®, is another hyaluronic acid filler. With over five varieties to choose from, Restylane® stands out for its versatility and range of formulations. With options like Restylane Silk®, Restylane Lyft®, Restylane Refyne®, Restylane Defyne®, Restylane Kysse®, and Restylane Contour®, you can choose the specific formulation that best suits your goals. Whether you choose one of the Restylane® formulas or Juvéderm® for your procedure, both these hyaluronic acid-based injectables can offer you consistent and beautiful results!

5. RHA Fillers

If you want a filler that will last and move with you, try looking into these new RHA fillers from Revance! RHA stands for resilient hyaluronic acid. They offer four different fillers – Rhedensity, RHA2, RHA3, and RHA4 – that can be customized to your individual needs. These fillers are specially designed to stretch and move with your face. It’s the only FDA filler approved to improve the appearance of dynamic lines. No matter how you frown, squint, or smile, these fillers retain their stretch, helping you soften lines and restore volume!

Choosing the Right Filler for You

No matter which of the most common dermal fillers you choose, each option offers the potential for beautiful, more youthful-looking results. Dermal fillers are an effective solution that offers minimal downtime and very little commitment. While the effects can last up to months or even years, you can dissolve your filler, so you’re free to change your look or start over with a blank slate! If you’re just starting to explore MedSpa treatments or looking to boost your natural beauty, then dermal fillers can be a great solution. To find the right filler for you, schedule a consultation with your local MedSpa provider to determine the best option for your unique needs and goals.

Helping You Achieve Your Goals

At Gayoso Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, we prioritize patient satisfaction and safety above all else. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you achieve your desired results through personalized treatment plans and exceptional care. Whether you’re interested in our most common dermal fillers or a different MedSpa service, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Schedule a consultation with us today, and let’s get started on a happier, more confident you!

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