Evaluating Reviews for Plastic Surgeons

Dec 5, 2012

When considering the all-important decision of selecting a plastic surgeon for cosmetic surgery, it’s important to read reviews from patients to get an idea about the qualities a surgeon possesses that might make him or her the right choice for you. However, reviews can sometimes be misleading, so it’s important to know how to read them.

Don’t Put Too Much Emphasis on a Few Reviews

It takes quite a few reviews to get a good sense of what a doctor is really like. If a surgeon has only a few reviews, your perception may be skewed. It’s worthwhile to read them, but you should expect that the reality of a plastic surgeon’s work may be quite different.

Don’t Be Swayed by One or Two Very Good or Very Bad Reviews

Everybody gets (un)lucky once in a while. Even bad plastic surgeons may have someone who loved their experience, while a good plastic surgeon is bound to have at least one disgruntled patient. It’s even possible that great reviews may be posted by the practice while bad ones are posted by a competitor. Read all the reviews and if you are bothered by a very negative review of what seems like an otherwise good plastic surgeon, make sure you discuss the review in your consultation.

Look for Details

Don’t just look at the numerical reviews, look at the descriptions people give of their experiences and procedures. Pay attention to things like their consultation, how well the plastic surgeon listened to them, how they felt about their results, and how their surgeon handled any complaint they might have had. Most importantly, make sure you know at what stage the patient wrote the review. A review written before a procedure or just a few days after is not useful.

Overall, reviews can be helpful guides for selecting a plastic surgeon, but in our modern age when everyone is able to comment anonymously, it’s important to remember to take all reviews with a grain of salt.

We encourage you to look up reviews of Tampa cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Antonio J. Gayoso before your consultation. Then contact Gayoso Plastic Surgery to talk to Dr. Gayoso in person.

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