What Are the Different Types of Breast Lift Scar?

Oct 11, 2011

As with all surgical procedures, a breast lift leaves scars. The scar is the result of incisions used to remove excess skin from your breast prior to reshaping it. There are three types of breast lift commonly used.

The Benelli or donut lift removes a ring of skin around the nipple-areola complex. This breast lift is used when you require only a small amount of lifting. Because the incisions go around the nipple only, the scar you have will be a circular one, well-concealed in the change in height, color, and texture around the nipple.

The keyhole lift allows for more lifting. It utilizes an incision shaped like an old-fashioned keyhole, which goes around the top of the nipple-areola complex then follows the shape of the breast down to the breast crease. When the nipple is raised and the breast mound is reshaped, you will have what is known as a lollipop scar because it goes around the nipple, then descends in a line to the breast crease.

The anchor lift allows for even more lifting. It is similar to the keyhole lift, but more skin is removed from along the breast crease. After the breast is reshaped, you will have a lollipop scar.

All breast lift scars tend to heal well and become very faint. In addition, all are located at or below the nipple, making them very easy to conceal in public.

To learn more about the right breast lift procedure for you and what results you might expect, including the type of scar you may see, please schedule a consultation with Tampa plastic surgeon Dr. Antonio J. Gayoso.

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