Coolsculpt a New You for 2015

Jan 7, 2015


The holidays have come and gone and we are well into January with its promise of resolutions to be fitter, more organized and overall fabulous! If you are feeling your clothing is fitting a bit more snug than usual or your tummy has more rolls than your favorite bakery, you might want to consider Coolsculpting®: an FDA cleared, NON-surgical, permanent fat reducing procedure. Approved in 2010, this procedure can reduce areas of fullness 20-25% and have you back into your ‘skinny’ jeans once again. The procedure is relatively easy, has mild discomfort and essentially no downtime. That means you can have the procedure and return to work the same day, head off to play your favorite sport or enjoy a glass of wine. A few patients experience temporary tugging and pulling when the device is first applied to their body but after the cooling component kicks in, the area becomes numb and most of our patients nap, text or talk on the phone and some even work on their computer. And the beautiful thing about Coolsculpting® is IT WORKS! So, with a little investment of time and some $$$$ (we didn’t say it was perfect!), Coolsculpting® can help you reverse the holiday spread that has moved into your midsection!

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