How to Choose the Right Size Breast Implant

Apr 4, 2012

One of the important decisions you must make about your breast augmentation surgery is selecting the size of breast implants you desire. There are many factors that go into finding the right size of breast implants. Ultimately, you won’t be able to make this decision until talking to a Dr. Gayoso, who will have important insights based on his training and years of experience, but it’s also important to come to your consultation with an idea of the results you desire.

First, consider why you want breast implants. Do you want breast implants to fit in, feel normal, or restore a previous appearance? If so, then you will likely want smaller implants that give a subtle, natural appearance. If you want breast implants to attract attention and stand out, then you will want larger implants.

Next, think about times in your life when you were happy with the appearance of your breasts. If your breasts swelled during pregnancy, for example, you might have been happy with that size of breasts, and this can serve as a guide for finding the right size breast implants. Find pictures that show you and your breasts at this time.

Another method that some women find useful is the rice test. Place rice, quinoa, oatmeal, or another dry grain in a stocking and place it under your breast. Adjust the amount of grain until you feel happy with the appearance. Try on several outfits to see how you like the effect. When you are happy with the size, record the amount of grain used. This will give you a good starting place for your size discussion with Dr. Gayoso. You can also bring in the outfits you want to wear after surgery, which can also help Dr. Gayoso understand your breast augmentation goals and find the right size breast implants to meet those goals.

To talk to Dr. Gayoso about finding the right size breast implants for you, please contact Gayoso Plastic Surgery in Tampa, Florida for a consultation.

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