Can I Combine Facelift Surgery with Dermal Fillers?

Aug 18, 2011

Yes. Not only can this be done, but Dr. Antonio J. Gayoso believes this may be the way to achieve the best possible results from your facelift. Facial aging is not just one process, but several, often described as the triad of facial aging: skin changes, loss of facial volume, and sagging tissues.

Our skin changes with age, losing strength and elasticity. This contributes to the formation of skin wrinkles, but also to the loss of luster in the skin. Our body also changes the way it stores fat, moving it away from the face, which can lead to a worn, haggard appearance. The weakened skin and other tissues of the face begin to sag over time.

A facelift is the only good treatment for addressing sagging tissues, but it cannot address the other two elements of facial aging. In order to get the best facial rejuvenation, it is recommended that you address all three elements. Ideally, you should use advanced skin care to slow or reverse changes in your skin, a facelift to address sagging tissues, and dermal fillers to replace lost volume. When performing a facelift, Dr. Gayoso most often supplements lost volume using your own fat, which gives natural-looking results that can be longer-lasting than artificial fillers.

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