Breast Health Before and After Implants

Jun 15, 2012

Healthy breasts are the crucial foundation for attractive breasts, and it’s important to take care of your breasts before and after receiving breast implants to maintain not just the appearance of youth, but, to the extent possible, the health of youth. Here are some tips that can help you keep your breasts healthy for a lifetime.

Maintain a Healthy Weight: There is a wide range for healthy body weight. Find a weight you’re comfortable with, and work to maintain it. Weight gain and loss can change the amount of fat in your breasts, which can stretch the skin and then deflate your breasts. Yo-yo dieting can be detrimental to your breasts.

Quit Smoking: Studies have proven the negative health effects smoking has on all aspects of your body, including your breasts. Quitting smoking offers one of the greatest overall benefits to your health, including but not limited to lowering your chance of smoking related cancers.

Proper Support: Breasts, especially larger breasts, require proper support in order to maintain youthfulness. Having large breast implants impacts the skin and tissue in the breast region and can be a factor in causing early or excessive sagging. After breast augmentation, your breast will still need proper support in order to maintain your results. Going without proper support for short periods of time or special occasions is acceptable, however. You may want to consider having a professional bra fitting session in order to find the proper size and style of bra for your new shape.

Regular Mammograms: Breast cancer is the main health concern for your breasts. To help with early detection and treatment of breast cancer, you should have regular mammograms according to your doctor’s recommendations. Depending on your age and the type of your breast tissue, Dr. Gayoso may even recommend a baseline screening before you receive breast implants. After receiving breast implants, it’s important to tell the screener you have them so they can use the proper technique.

Dr. Gayoso always strives to ensure his patients’ health as well as their great results. To schedule a consultation, please contact Gayoso Plastic Surgery in the Tampa area.

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