Breast Augmentation and Other Procedures

Oct 19, 2012

Breast augmentation is a procedure that many women like to combine with other procedures for a whole-body makeover. Breast augmentation can be combined with many different procedures to help you achieve the appearance you desire.

Breast Lift with Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is a procedure that reliably increases the size of your breasts, and it can also be used to correct some minor sagging and certain complaints about the shape of your breasts. However, if you want to correct significant sagging and tuberous breasts or other concerns about the shape of the breast, breast implants can be combined with a breast lift to give your breasts the size and shape you desire.

Breast Augmentation and Body Contouring

Some women who are looking to improve the appearance of their breasts after pregnancy may want to undo some of the other changes that resulted from pregnancy, such as baby fat, stretch marks, and slack abdominal muscles. Combining breast augmentation with body contouring procedures allows improvement of all these concerns at once.


Can be used to remove stubborn baby fat in specific locations, including the abdomen, buttocks, bra rolls, and thighs. If you want to remove fat and excess skin, tighten muscles, and possibly target stretch marks in your abdomen, an abdominoplasty, commonly called a tummy tuck, might be right for you. These can all be combined with breast augmentation to give you a full-body makeover.

If you are looking to improve your overall figure, many procedures can be combined to give you the results you desire. If you live in or around St. Petersburg and want more information on the combination that is right for you, please contact Gayoso Plastic Surgery today for an initial consultation.

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