Bottoming Out

Nov 9, 2012

Bottoming out is a relatively rare complication of breast augmentation, especially when you work with an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon.

Bottoming out occurs when breast implants are not held in the pocket intended for them and instead sink down along the chest wall. The nipple-areola complex moves up the breast to an unnatural position (way beyond “perky”!), to the point that they may tend to pop up and out of bras and swimsuits. If your breast implants were inserted via the inframammary incision(below the breast), it will begin to ride up the breast mound, becoming more visible.

The Role of Your Breast Surgeon

Bottoming out is sometimes spontaneous, but it’s often the result of surgical error on the part of a plastic surgeon who removes too much support from the lower part of the breast pocket or who tries to place too large an implant for the size of your natural breast. In either case, there is just not enough support for your breast implants and they begin to descend.

Dr. Antonio J. Gayoso works hard to prevent this and other types of complications. He takes careful measurements of your breasts and determines the appropriate size for your breast implant and your breast pocket. Dr. Gayoso will help you understand when decisions you are making about your breast augmentation may increase your risk and help you make informed decisions to get the safest possible breast augmentation.

Dr. Antonio J. Gayoso is happy to talk to you about this or any other complication and explain in detail how he works to reduce your surgical risks. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Gayoso, please contact Gayoso Plastic Surgery, helping patients in the St. Petersburg area and across Florida.

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