6 Ways to Dress Your New Curves

Mar 26, 2014

Plastic surgery may give you a beautiful new body, but after a procedure you may be a little uncertain about how to dress your new curves. However, there’s no need to worry: outfits you may have once felt uncomfortable wearing can now become wardrobe staples, and you’ll eventually feel great in almost any look. Here are a few styles perfect for flaunting your new assets, for those who aren’t quite sure of which looks to try.


1. Wiggle Dresses

There’s a reason Joan from Mad Men looks amazing in these hourglass-shaped numbers. Vintage-inspired dresses go hand-in-hand with curves, and this is a great look for showcasing your fantastic new body. From bust to booty, wiggle dresses are perfect for showing off.

2. Belts

Don’t forget the accessories! A wide belt cinched around a dress or a loose top will accentuate your figure while drawing the waistline in. Belts are the perfect way to tie any outfit together, and to make your new body stand out even more than it already does!


3. Peplum

Fashion forecasters keep threatening that peplum is on the out, but years later the look is still going strong. Peplum brings a nice symmetry to a beautiful figure, and draws attention to the waist and bust. It may be a bit of a fashion risk, but it’s one that’s worth trying to rock!

4. Wrap dresses

Accentuating your waist is the best way to accentuate your curves. (As if the previous suggestions haven’t been a clue.) Wrap dresses usually reveal a flirty bit of cleavage while cinching your waist in. And they usually come in fun and colorful prints, which is always a plus!

5. V-neck tops

If you’re looking to show off your bust, there’s a surprisingly simple solution: v-neck tops can draw some subtle-yet-sexy attention to your figure, and they’re easy to build almost any outfit around.


6. Confidence

You have an awesome new body, and the best look for it is a walk of confidence! Enjoy your fresh life (and wardrobe) with a sense of pride. You’re now free to enjoy all the benefits of a great body, which should include a trip to the mall!

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